We know some of you are nervous about booking your camps in. Here is what we can offer you.

  • Sole occupancy
  • Choice of our variety of sites , Charnwood, Nillahcootie, AVL and for really small groups or mountain journeys there is Auscamp Alpine Lodge.
  • All are COVID safe campsites sanitised to government standards.
  • Tailor made programs and activities to suit your needs. We have lots of new activities like maker shed and sailing.
  • Links to integrate camps to your curriculum.
  • Awesome, highly trained staff who make camps educational challenging and fun.
  • We are happy to give you a price guideline to help you budget.

To get information you can start browsing our website, or you can move straight to the second stage and call or email us on (94972899) or info@auscamp.com.au