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Introducing John Lindros as your school consultant

How do you integrate your vision of a return to school life ? Have you been thinking about your roadmap back to school? Would you like to evaluate your 2021 and beyond camps, outdoor and adventure programs so that they will meet the needs of your community?  Through...

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A time in COVID

As the numbers continue to rise, We shift our gaze towards the skies, Collectively hoping for just one thing, Lower numbers and what they bring Although all camps and excursions are gone Together, we must power on Bikes and walks are on the up Getting fit and...

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The simple reasons for school camps.

It seems like a long time ago that I was last leading a camp, so I’d like to write about my experience of running outdoor camps. When I think about what I miss about camps, it is not the activities, my mind always turns to the students. Seeing a student ride a bike...

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There is a season…

It is such an incredibly beautiful morning. I woke to the smell of coffee and burnt wood of the fire. My eyes are lured to the fresh morning dew on the green grass outside, as I peer through the window of our cosy wood cabin. The sky is vivid blue. I see the slow...

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Keeping in touch with our friends -Chapter 2

Well we are still staying at home and life is yet to look much different. We have continued to reach out to our friends in various parts of Australia. The last blog focused on the Maree Hotel and for this blog, we have moved a thousand kilometers north to Curtin...

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Keeping in touch with our friends

March has ended, Easter has come and gone. We are still staying at home and trying to work out what life will be looking like tomorrow, next week and so on. In one of our recent work-place meetings, we were thinking about all those who work with us to put together the...

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School Camps and COVID – 19

I have worked in the education sector for nearly 40 years. In that time we have had to manage SARS, bushfires, teacher strikes, and a myriad of other challenges. None of these will have the impact of COVID- 19. COVID – 19 is scary. COVID – 19 has fear attatched. COVID...

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Launching our Maker SPACE at Charnwood in 2020

maker space poster with mud map version 3 We are so proud to launch our Maker space at Charnwood in 2020. The Maker Space is an interactive experience that gets people in touch with making and doing inside our maker shed. A real opportunity to learn from our past in...

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“It’s more than a journey” John Lindros

I recently heard a saying that went along the lines of “An experience without reflection can be a wasted experience”A few weeks ago I dragged myself out of the office chair and headed off on a Central Australia Journey with a group of school students. I was the...

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