After lockdowns and serious restrictions, people have changed. It seems that we have reviewed the value of community and friendship. Perhaps we are looking at life in a less self-focused and absorbed way. These positive community changes. These are changes we should see as an opportunity to restart but in a different way. In schools, we have seen new teaching styles and creativity. Schools are looking at their structures, procedures, their communities, and families. I am sure that some are even looking at what they offer and how it is offered. In this is the time of review it is probably a good idea to look at the camps and co-curricular program. Perhaps there is a different way to do things. We have not been immune to this changing world. At Auscamp we have been closed since March and hoping to open in November. Of course, we have done what every other camp has done… splashed paint on walls recarpeted a few rooms, chopped a stack of firewood, and mowed the grass. BUT the best things we have done are look at our programs and sites through COVID colored glasses. While we know that what we do is good we think that there are ways to make programs better. Here are a few thoughts:

Activities on base camp programs -if you look at our website you will see many of the activities and choices are similar to other camps except for swag night out, maker shed, small boat sailing, pickle making, chooks and cows, the big sandpit, bike trails, enviro projects, trail making … there is more

Journeys Most see a journey as an extended bushwalk or canoe or traditional activity. But what if you had a 10 -14-day residential lifestyle journey or maybe a trip Trains/Boats/yachts/Planes sailing journey to Sydney or possibly the 10 – 14 day Central Australian heart, body, and soul Central Australian journey.

Extended program (5 to 8 days) Multi-activity, group, self-reliance, team, and all the other catchy words. Basically, these are programs you can give to kids to run. (with supervision of course)

Our site – Yes, we have done some renovations. New gear sheds, upgraded activities, paint in rooms, some new carpet, and even some more private facilities. We know our sites are older style. We know that most rooms do not have ensuites. But ask yourself what you are looking for in a camp, is it the experience and the journey together. Do you want ‘thrill a minute’ or do you want something where the kids take home a unique learning and positive life experience?

We pride ourselves on putting together great camp experience in collaboration with the school. We can do camps like everyone else or we can do camps that are different. Times have changed since March 2020. If you want to look at possibilities please call or email us we would love to speak to you. 03 9497 2899 or For more information look at our website, read our blogs, and even schedule a visit.