As the numbers continue to rise,
We shift our gaze towards the skies,
Collectively hoping for just one thing,
Lower numbers and what they bring
Although all camps and excursions are gone
Together, we must power on
Bikes and walks are on the up
Getting fit and healthy?… yup
I ask, what is the new normal?
Classes and sessions, they’re abnormal
Now, we’re zooming on screens
Hell for adults and teens
Where is the interaction?
Staying at home is just a distraction
At the park or along the streets?
No one’s out, we’re just getting Uber eats!
What will happen in October?
When will people become sober?
Drinking alcohol is not the crutch,
I think for some, it got too much
A better solution is to just breathe
Out the nose and through the teethe
Enjoy what nature has to offer
But beware of the covid cougher
Take this time to enjoy and relax
Get through the books of stacks
Catch up with someone you know
Or even lawn the mow
Thanks to the paramedics and cops
Patrolling all the streets and shops
Encouraging people to follow the rule
If you whine and don’t, you’ll end up a tool
Hopefully, life will normalise soon
Covid was like a one big balloon
All we need to do is wait for the burst
I know for all, holidays, will be the first
Get out, get out, let’s hang out,
Well finally all be up and about,
Hang in there, please don’t despair
COVID-19 was quite the scare
We’ve got this Victoria,
Just wait for the euphoria
Australia’s on the mend
Hopefully, just around the bend
You’ll see your friends and grandma too
Everyone’s finally free of the COVID flu
So kids, stay safe and keep warm
And we’ll see you soon after the storm
By Ari Fisher