John Lindros

John Lindros

Chief Executive

As the CEO and Managing director, John has been involved with Auscamp since its inception in 1986…. in fact, he is the inspiration and founder of the company.

John brings many years of experience, passion and expertise to Auscamp. His background is in teaching, and then he headed up the Physical Education, Sport and Outdoor Education departments. He is a bushwalker, rafting guide and sailor. . Over the past 30 years, John has bushwalked extensively throughout Australia as both a participant and a guide.

John understands the needs of schools and ensures that each program Auscamp develops, supports the school’s vision and purpose. John believes that in what we do, it is important to walk the walk. He will work together with you to explore many and varied possibilities for your organisation.

John is also the proud father of 5 children.

Ari Fisher

Ari Fisher

Chief of Operations

Ari has been with Auscamp since he was a year 8 student on a School Camp.

A change of heart in Ari’s careers plan, Ari decided that he would complete his Bachelor of Business degree at RMIT and look to secure a job in the Education sector. His dreams came true when he was offered a job beginning of 2017.

Ari is involved with the Operations and Logistics in Auscamp and is constantly liaising with our Staff in the field, in the office and our providers and contractors.

Ari works hard to ensure that your camp is equipped with the right equipment, gear and bookings. However, if there’s something wrong, it wasn’t his fault!

You’ll find Ari at Mt Buller on a set of skis or riding his bike along the Yarra River.

Ari is a big believer in being healthy and ensuring everyone’s wellbeing.

        Jordan Wing

Jordan Wing

Manager- staff and logistics

                 Jordan has been with Auscamp since October 2020 as our Program and Staff Development Manager. He ushers  a  wealth of global experience from the outdoor education, touring, travel, snow, customer service and sales industries.  Jordan has completed a Bachelor of business with major studies in Marketing & Economics at RMIT and has completed a Cert IV in Tourism & Aboriginal Culture at CDU. He leads with a passion for adventure sports, sustainable tourism and connecting people with the outdoors. During his free time, you’ll find Jordan searching for his next trail/line/wave/adventure in the great outdoors. From conquering the world’s mountains on one of his beloved snowboards, cutting out a new trail on his dirt bike, to surfing Australia’s iconic coastline  – any terrain that presents a challenge is a future destination pinned on Jordan’s world map. He is known to enjoy getting lost in some remote corner of the planet with a bag on his back and enjoying the company of new and interesting humans as he goes. When all is said and done, nothing puts a bigger smile on his face than coming home and spending time with his friends and family, in particular his two nieces. 



Raina Bonello

Raina Bonello

Site manager Anglesea Valley Lodge

Raina has been at Auscamp for since the early days of AVL in her vital role as Site Manager. If you want something done, found, cooked or organised just ask Raina. In fact there are absolutely NO challenges when RAINA is here. Meet our super queen of Anglesea, who runs Anglesea Valley Lodge like a dream. When she is not on site, which is quite rare, she is running after her children and grandchildren.


Mary Anne and Lois

Mary Anne and Lois

Charnwood icons

Maryanne and Lois have been at Charnwood since the early days. They are true Auscamp veterans and have been genuine icons in every way. If you want something sown, cleaned, baked, found, collected or organized, just ask Mary Anne and Lois. Meet our super queens of Charnwood, who help out with all our needs. These two are marvels and we really appreciate everything they do, including of course, collecting the eggs and looking after the chookies.


John Lindros (Managing Director, CEO)









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