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“It’s more than a journey” John Lindros

I recently heard a saying that went along the lines of “An experience without reflection can be a wasted experience”A few weeks ago I dragged myself out of the office chair and headed off on a Central Australia Journey with a group of school students. I was the...

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Thoughts on year 9 Outdoor Education

How many schools look at Outdoor Education and think bushwalking, canoeing and more. Activities linked together to create a "journey" I would like us to look at Outdoor Education differently. Less focus on the activity and more focus on the experience. To explain what...

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Lower Glenelg River

Just prior to New Year’s, I made an early New Year’s Resolution to visit one of Australia’s hidden gems: “The Lower Glenelg River” on the border of Victoria and South Australia. A mate and I travelled down on Sunday, embracing a long 5 hour drive and TayTay on repeat....

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